Our Services

Contact me with no obligation. We offer a confidential, independent and responsive mediation service either face to face or online using Zoom or MS Teams.

Civil and Commercial

Mediation helps those in dispute communicate about the issues of concern to them, helping them find solutions that are acceptable to everybody involved. Mediators follow the principles of mediation to help those in dispute to talk.


We help you work out arrangements for children and your finances following separation using the principles of mediation.

Mediation helps you stay in control -no-one will make you do anything against your wishes.

Mediation is less stressful and significantly quicker than going to court, and can save you money.


Difficulties between neighbours and other community conflicts can be distressing and persistent. Mediation can enable a conversation at an early stage and create space for agreement.

Solving Knotty Problems

We are skilled at helping people and businesses solve their differences themselves - through the facilitation of good conversations and questioning which follow the principles of mediation.